Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

Frankel’s book Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich: 75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make with Money is an easy, realistic book that picks apart how women view their finances. Don’t mind the title. The book is really about healthy ownership, being responsible with what you’ve earned or been given, and how lots of women are psychologically groomed to not be self sufficient.

Many women stick their heads in the sand when it comes to money.  Even though I am not one of them, I’m still guilty of many of the mistakes listed in the book.  Striving for survival and not wealth, not planning for unexpected disability, working at a salary less than what you deserve, staying in your safety zone, and failure to negotiate -are just a few of the mistakes on my list.  Frankel gives very practical solutions to fix our warped ways of thinking and operating when it comes to money.

Several helpful resources from the book are below.  Also check out Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner OfficePrince Charming Isn’t Coming, and The Millionaire Next Door. has free training for starting your own business.  They even have a section just for women with resources for the women business owner. is very fast and easy to use.  Making your Will and Living Will can be somewhat depressing, but it will make it easier on your family if anything was to happen to you.  It’s pretty cheap-just over $100 for both documents. has daily articles and investing tips.

Also check out the NY Stock Exchange’s Educational Resources. Good stuff.


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