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Living With Less

From July 2011-July 2012 I will make the upper end of the poverty line.  It’s going to suck.  The point is to learn to live with less and cut out material goods that are oftentimes distractions.  Working with nonprofits throughout the Midlands will teach me where future gained income should be funneled for eternal good.

I’m not anti-wealth by any stretch (obviously God’s  given us talents and creative abilities to support ourselves and others), but money funneled appropriately can work some eternal magic. I want to learn how to best be a part of it.

To my benefit, minimalism and living with less is somewhat trendy (or necessary) right now.  So thankfully it’s easy to eat for just over $1.34 a meal, look good for less by shopping at Urban Thread and T.J. Maxx, and go out with friends by using the one and only Groupon.

So here’s to a year with less lattes, limited travel, fewer Amazon orders, and eye rolls from friends who hear me complain about the cash.  No more speeding tickets, thieves stealing my A/C unit, or deer hitting my Saturn would also be awesome.  Hopefully I’ll learn TONS too—cuz that’s the point.  We’ll see!


One thought on “Living With Less

  1. We just cut out cable to cut our expenses–we do straight netflix streaming & save about $100/month! And please, you’re no stranger to poverty, you lived in STAR!

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