September Oaks Boutique Winery

Who doesn’t love WINE?! On the way down to a Savannah bachelorette party a few weekends ago my car stopped by September Oaks winery.  If you’re on I-95 South to Savannah and take the Ridgeland exit, you’re basically there.

The tasting was $6.  The $6 didn’t include the glass, but the nice lady there let us keep ours because we asked and were on a bachelorette weekend.  You get to taste all of their wines like Carolina Wren Red, Crescent Moon White, Kiwi Gold White, Palmetto Red Wine, Peach Sunrise White, Yellow Jasmine White, and a few more.  The names are fun, but they didn’t taste as good as they sound. VERY sugary-even for muscadine wine.  They’re a new winery, and it seemed like they’re still working out the kinks.  I bought the Palmetto (a red wine that you drink chilled or with ice cubes) because it tasted the best and was in a pretty bottle.

After the wine tasting, we brought our picnic lunch to the outdoor tables and had a bottle of wine with our croissants. So fun! The picnic tables were really clean and  were right beside the little vineyard and the main building so it was a good spot to take some pics.  There was even a little fire pit with chairs that would be great to use in the fall.  I would definitely have a party like a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception there.

I wouldn’t drive down just for a wine tasting, but I would definitely stop by again on the way to Savannah! They are open Tuesday through Friday from 1-6PM and Saturdays from 12-6PM.  Check out the September Oaks website here:


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