My Two Cents

Fairly Common-Sense Things I’ve Learned as a Homeowner

  1. Home Owners Associations sometimes have perks–like free pizza at The Whig :)!
  2. Buying foreclosures is the way to go.
  3. Time Warner Cable sometimes takes two weeks to hook you up with cable and internet. Make sure you tell them EXACTLY where to drill. They will put the cable holes in the awkwardest of places. 
  4. Budget for things that could be stolen or destroyed….like A/C units.
  5. “I’m working on a campaign that will be over in two months” is not conducive to getting a loan approved. 
  6. Spraying your own home for bugs is unfortunately not the same as having a professional come spray.
  7.  Credit unions are the jam.  Better customer service than your average national bank.
  8. Getting a termite-bond is wise. If there’s ever damage, you won’t have to pay for most of it. (Hopefully I’ll never have to worry about this)
  9. The City of Columbia Police Dept. will watch your home for you if you’re on vacation.  They’ll also come install door handles, keyless entry locks, and drill holes for anything that needs padlocking.

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