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Smile! Your Mom Chose Life.

My Grandmother is the definition of southern grace. My favorite person in the whole wide world. Naturally I said “Yes” to her request to work the SC Citizens for Life Booth with her on Wednesday. She drove all the way down from Easley by herself to man the SC State Fair booth for four hours.

I hadn’t thought about abortion in a while. Obviously my ignoring it’s failed to make it disappear. Working the fair booth got me thinking….

Before microscopes and modern science, how did people think babies were made? I mean, of course they kind of knew….but did they even know there was an egg? Science is AWESOME!!!!

Why are we only handing out white baby fetuses at this booth?                              Three little kids walked up to grab rubber babies out of this basket:The two white kids picked up the babies and ran off, but the black kid picked it up, looked at it, and then tossed it back in the basket. I thought,”Wups-Why don’t we have any black ones?” Well apparently ALL babies are white inside the womb until they’re 8 months old, pre-birth. Who knew?! (PLEASE note the sign above the basket. Funny. Like we’re enforcing the Chinese one child law or something.)

Is abortion really outlawed anywhere? Poland! (a land of Catholics)                             In Poland, abortion is allowed under three circumstances.

1.When the woman’s life or health is endangered by the continuation of pregnancy,

2.When the pregnancy is a result of a criminal act, or

3.When the fetus is seriously malformed

There’s data to prove both sides of the Polish abortion debate. But for the most part, the overall health of women in Poland has increased while the abortion rate (underground or otherwise) has decreased.

Is “shock value” the way to go when protesting abortion?                              Handing out rubber baby fetuses feels creepy and uncomfortable. But hey-you can’t deny it’s educational. Abortion isn’t pretty, but just because you don’t want to think about it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be thought about. How will people know what’s really going on unless they are told or can see it for themselves?



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