My Two Cents

Children of the Corn: My Take on the Iowans

Recently I had the chance to take a quick trip to Iowa. I’ve always wondered what Midwesterners were like.  When it comes to Iowa, I’ve specifically wondered “Who are these people that have so much pull when it comes to Presidential politics?” It was super-fun to people-watch and chat with the locals.

Turns out Iowa has more going for it than I originally thought. Right off the bat, the shuttle driver from the airport had lots of state pride and told me a few facts about the place. Last year Forbes magazine ranked Des Moines the best city for business and the third best city to raise a family in the United States.  Pretty sweet!  I couldn’t get over how proud the shuttle driver and others I encountered were of their state. It was actually almost to the point of being I have a chip on my shoulder so I’m defensively proud proud. Several other random people I talked with throughout the weekend seemed “stuck in Iowa” and didn’t really get why I would want to visit there.  I think that’s to be expected anywhere.

Saturday morning was perfect for people watching. Downtown Des Moines has a HUGE outdoor market with fresh and local Midwestern food, different crafts, herbs, produce, and knick knacks.  The market stretched for blocks and blocks down two and a half streets in the city.  The Iowans are wholesome, corn-fed home-bread people.  They were conscious of others’ time and weren’t insanely impatient but also didn’t like to dawdle around.  Iowans were nice.  Not in a fake “always on” politeness but a relationship-conscious, real politeness.  On the flip side, they dress like slobs. Lots of sweatshirts. Women weren’t put together like they are in the South.  It was common to see a lady wearing a sweatshirt, beanie, a dog on a leash and Coach tennis shoes.  But hey-It’s pretty dang cold!

Overall, Iowans seem authentic and family-oriented.  Likeable.  I enjoyed the time there, and if some states must have extra pull when it comes to Presidential nominations, I’m not all opposed to the Hawkeye state being one.


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