Life & Faith

Tom Brokaw and Hillsong United

(*DISCLAIMER* If you’re looking to read something with any educational or redeeming value….skip this post.)

I’ve always had the strangest dreams that never make sense and are truly insane.  For example, see my dream from the other night…..

My family and some family friends were all treading water in this huge lake with thousands of other people as we tried to not drop these little round plastic tokens in our hands.  On the stage at the center of the lake was a pastor from a youth camp and the praise band Hillsong United was playing. There were fire bombs flying and killing some of the construction workers to the left of us that were hanging out on these tall wooden beams on the lake embankment. Not really sure who was attacking.

All of a sudden we were all dry and dressed in this huge house that was the size of a city in a room with Tom Brokow who was in a plaid khaki suit.  We all really wanted to watch the race that was about to happen in the hallway but for some reason no one wanted to be rude and leave the room before Tom Brokow did the news. 

I walked up to Tom and said “Tom, we love your newscast but need to be on our way. Can you just give us the brief summary of what’s going on today?” He said, “Honestly, today’s pretty slow.  There was a minor earthquake and some fighting in the Middle East.  Pretty slow news day.” We all told him “Thanks!” and “Good luck with the newscast!” and walked into the hallway. We all bet on the race which was between a horse and some sort of animal that was on fire but not being burned. 

And…… then I woke up because someone started our washing machine.  It totally freaks me out that no one seems to really understand why we dream what we dream or how our brains really work.  If Mulder from the X-Files was right when he said “Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask,” I don’t want to know what my questions are!


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