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Being Mary Would Suck at Points: A Christmas Post

Last week I went to Shandon Baptist’s “Glorious: A Modern Worship Christmas” show. During one song, they showed a video of a poor, pregnant, young Mary and her traveling to Bethlehem and having Jesus in a dirty, dirty barn. It looked miserable.

Not to sound too “reason for the season-ish” but thinking about Christmas in real terms makes you so very thankful!

Think about it. If a girlfriend called you up and said, “Hey, I’m pregnant, but I’m still a virgin, and no it wasn’t artificial insemination but God’s blessing,” you would most likely call her immediate family and work with them to get her some psychiatric help. Being Mary would’ve been rough!

If I was 14, a virgin, and about to get married I would be THOROUGHLY frustrated, embarrassed, and confused as to what the heck was happening to my life. Probably angry at God at points. Most likely, the majority of my family, friends, and general social base would think I was a promiscuous liar. I would also be really confused when it was time to have the baby (who is going to save the WORLD) and I’m wandering around on a donkey in a strange town until my new husband finds a nasty hole-in-the-mountain barn for us to stay in.

Walking out of the Christmas show I voiced my reasons for not wanting to be Mary to my friend. He said “That’s something that would be funny to tweet, but not very appropriate.” Totally understand his point =), but if we’re going to deal with the reality that is the Gospel, we should read the Bible from the point of view that this really happened! And while my perspective on how Mary may have felt is fairly shallow–We can be a shallow people. How amazing that the God of the Universe gives us shallow, selfish, sinful people the time of day and the ability to be a part of His plan for this World and to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever! We are so undeserving!

Ha! And Louie Giglio just tweeted “God’s idea was to have an unwed girl deliver the Son of God out-of-town on a tax day at midnight in a cave. #Hiswaysarehigher”

Merry Christmas y’all!


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