My Two Cents

Don’t Want it? ReGift it!

So the presents are opened.  It’s a few days after Christmas and you’re thinking…..What do I do with all the stuff I don’t want?  Take it to Goodwill? Guess what store it came from originally and return it for cash? What if the giver finds out?  Do I actually have to wear this out in public so I don’t hurt the giver’s feelings?

Take it back or ReGift it already! (Emily Post mostly agrees.)

Just because somebody gives you something doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Why would the giver want you to be stuck with something you don’t want?  If you don’t like my gift, take it back or give it to someone who’ll appreciate it. Why waste a resource? Letting a quality good collect dust helps noone.

Rules for ReGifting:

1. ReGift only if the receiver will actually like the gift! If it’s not something you would actually buy the person, don’t give it to them.

2. Give only if you haven’t opened or used the item. The gift must be in it’s original box.

3. Unless it’s a close friend who will laugh about it, don’t ReGift to a person who was present when the gift was originally opened.

4. Don’t ReGift a homemade gift.  You didn’t make it. That would be awkward.

5. The original gifter must either 1.) not care that you’re ReGifiting or 2.) not find out that you ReGifted their present.  Don’t risk hurting feelings, no matter your opinion of the original giver.   (If the original giver is offended–I would personally think they were being ridiculous. But rules are rules.)


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