McDonald’s Ain’t Really Cheaper

So I work with two pretty awesome (yet sometimes a little insane) super-granolas.  They’ve really opened my eyes to how straight-up, well, GROSS our food culture is down here.  The myth that fast food is cheaper than healthy food perpetuates the grossness. Surprisingly, the idea that healthy whole foods are SO EXPENSIVE has been brought up at every collaborative meeting of nonprofit workers in Columbia and around South Carolina that I’ve participated in this year. Hey-I’m  currently working with a salary that’s at the poverty line—rice, beans, spinach, and bananas are pretty darn cheap =).  If many leaders of our social service organizations believe the myth, of course a lot of the general public and the people they serve do too.

The barrier to healthy eating isn’t just about the money.  No matter your socioeconomic status, the issue is often time.  Convenience.  Cooking can be quick, easy, healthy, and cheap.  One small example: Some Columbia College students are teaching people in the Eau Claire community how beneficial crockpot cooking can be.  They have easy recipes of cheap and healthy ingredients that you can throw into your crockpot in the morning and then just walk away.  The students even convinced Rival to donate a hundred crockpots to them for the project.  Super cool.

Anywho… read this article and check out the diagram below.  They both do some pretty-good myth debunking (Disclaimer: Def don’t agree w/ all the politics in the article).

“Real cultural changes are needed to turn this (viewpoint that cooking is more expensive and more time consuming than fast food) around. Somehow, no-nonsense cooking and eating — roasting a chicken, making a grilled cheese sandwich, scrambling an egg, tossing a salad — must become popular again, and valued not just by hipsters in Brooklyn or locavores in Berkeley.”