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Quote Pasted at the Bottom is Spot-On

So Sunday I’m in the car going through a Gmail draft of things I need to look up and “YouTube Rich Mullins Concert” is on the list. A friend recommended it a while back, and we had  a seven hour drive so I picked the 52 minute clip.  Dang.  Refreshingly honest, encouraging and affirming for me- a girl who works too much, talks too much, covets too much, occasionally drinks too much,  flakes out often, and doesn’t give enough.

First Observation: Technology is INSANE!!!!! I’m sitting in the back of a friends Volkswagen on the way back from D.C. watching a 15-year-old  concert.  Huh? Crazy.  I mean Freshman year of college my roommates and I would watch Desperate Housewives on and it would take FOREVER to load. We’d have to rig when to pause it to buffer and then click play again or else it would freeze and internet explorer would close. Now I can be flying down the interstate and my droid is streaming an hour-long session on YouTube. I’m watching a guy who died in 1997 preach from my little droid?! Freaking awesome. (When mentioning this to my friends in the front seats, they sent me here.)

Second Observation: Recently I’ve really been wrestling with what’s real Biblical truth that’s worth living and fighting for and what’s simply speculation or cultural. There are hardly any cut and dry answers, and I’m often the doubter spoken of in James 1. Rich speaks directly to this issue.  When he traveled to Europe and around the world he noticed that different groups of Christians put emphasis on different scriptures, and their actions often reflected this by having varying lists of dos and don’ts from culture to culture.  Funny thing is our salvation isn’t reliant on a list of dos and don’ts.  Rich says if we went around the world collecting all the Bibles from every nation and culture and combined them into one, we would have a Bible that was completely underlined (:. Never thought of it like that.

Third Observation:  I think sometimes teaching is a tool God uses to affirm us. Growing up I listened to Rich Mullins and some of my teachers really admired him.  I believed he was speaking the truth but couldn’t identify with him until recently. Sometimes I think God uses advice and teaching from others as a way to let us know we’re not crazy.  We learn some head knowledge,  go out and experience life, draw conclusions that others might not necessarily agree with, but then can be affirmed by the fact that something we learned years ago now really does match with what we’re feeling or experiencing. (<not sure that made sense)

The lengthy clip is below. Look past the cheese, appreciate the simplicity, and learn from a dude who put some of his heart out there.

“If you want a religion that makes sense, I suggest something other than Christianity. But if you want a religion that makes life, then this is the one.” -Rich Mullins


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