My Two Cents


Tomorrow I turn 24. This year I learned how to rest, hit a cop car with a school bus, married off two of my best friends, purchased no clothing, got to work with some compassionate students and nonprofs, had to experience family passing away for the first time ever, and spontaneously blogged.

It didn’t feel like it at times, but 23 has been the best year of my life. Below are 24 lessons from my 24th year.

1. It’s okay for your backup plans to have backup plans, but learn to be open-handed with them all.

2. It ain’t fun, but some people just need to be micro-managed.

3. Admitting you don’t know it all can give you more street credit than BSing that you do.

4. Bridesmaiding is truly a blessing. But-College girls, start your Bridesmaid/Wedding Guest savings account Today. Trust me.

5. Blogging is fun! It’s one way to hold yourself accountable to always be thinking critically about the world you’re in.

6. Read Generous Justice by Tim Keller.

7. Stories are powerful. Learn to tell yours. If not, someone may tell it for you-and you don’t want that.

8. Go where you’re needed. <<not necessarily talking about the “big” life decisions but the little everyday choices

9. Bitterness isn’t worth harboring. Drop it already. You’ll feel much better!

10. Every unmarried girl should annually watch “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

11. If you’re starting a new job in two weeks, don’t fill out online unemployment forms just for kicks to experience what the process is like for people living in poverty.  Even if you don’t officially file it, your former employers will still probably be contacted…and they won’t be happy. #howawkward

12. Assumptions are dangerous.

13. Don’t train in crappy running shoes.

14. Being around health conscious people makes you change your habits for the better!

15. Grace is 100% free.

16. Used car shopping? Don’t buy a Saturn. (Or maybe just don’t let me drive your car.  Maybe it’s not the Saturn. Maybe it’s me.)

17. I might actually make a great Mom.  Funny how random comments from people you respect can completely change your mind.

18. If you’ll potentially need to get a restraining order on someone, report every individual incident when it occurs.  Reporting it all on the same day apparently counts as only one incident.

19. Give until it’s uncomfortable and changes your life, but don’t loan people money unless you can responsibly pay off your own debts without ever getting it back. (Still not quite sure yet how these two work together…)

20. Why would you not use Paul Mitchell The School as your salon if you live in Columbia, South Carolina? It’s super cheap & they do a fantastic job!

21. Easter is the best holiday EVER!

22. Pride is difficult to shake but severely overrated.

23. 23 is the perfect age. (Maybe 24 will prove me wrong).

24. God totally has the capacity to love us EACH unconditionally and completely & make us whole.

Random Fact: Statistically speaking, an American 24 year old’s life on Earth is only 31% complete!


One thought on “24

  1. Katie, I’m soo proud of you!! I wish I had been half as wise as you when I was your age! Your 24 post made me laugh aloud, tear up at your beautiful wisdom and blink in awe at having had such an awesome neighbor and not taking the time to get to know you better while I had the chance. You’re going to go so far in life and have such incredible stories to share. I look forward to them all. May Peace and blessings follow you along the way. C:

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