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Twitter Helped Me Understand Knowing God vs. Knowing ABOUT God

Driving to work the other morning I was thinking about how knowing the difference between “knowing God” and “knowing ABOUT God” can be confusing.  I mean, if you know a lot about God, don’t you know Him? I stopped at a red light and started scrolling through Twitter when it clicked!  Knowing about God is like following someone on Twitter who you don’t converse with/have a relationship with in real life.

If a friend asked “Do you know so&so?” You might answer:  “No, but I follow them on Twitter.”  If you had answered “Yes” to that question, but only knew the person from Twitter, that would be strange…because you don’t know them.  You haven’t experienced them.  You don’t know what they smell like, how they’d react to a practical joke, what makes their face turn bright red, or where they keep their EpiPen.

Lots of people who could pass a “God knowledge” test don’t actually know Him—they haven’t put their trust in/experienced Him. (Just like you might oddly be able to ace a pop quiz on @so&so even though you’ve never actually spoken with them.)

I like to collect information. My tendency is to do the same with God. Take the facts and practically apply them to how I should live while throwing emotions and the rest (like messy/intentional relationships) out the window.  Relationships don’t work like that. Knowing God doesn’t work like that.

So what does knowing God look like?  I think it takes a lot of prayer and large doses of risk. Trusting that God will see you through whatever He’s placed on your heart to do, even if you don’t feel capable of doing it. I mean, it’s called “Faith” for a reason right?

Somewhat (but not exactly) similar to if an organization tweeted about an event and you showed up.  Your Twitter friends who run the organization could then become your real friends, but it would take you risking rejection and actually showing up to the event for that to be a possibility.

Taking risks——–like the poor widow who risked her finances by giving her last two coins to the church (Mark 12:42-44) or Moses who risked everything by going to Pharaoh even though he felt completely incapable of leading Israel, or Ruth who was willing to be apart from her home and cultural security to care for her mother-in-law, or Esther who risked death and rejection by the King to save her people, or Stephen who actually was stoned to death for sharing the Gospel. Dang those people’s lives were crazy but brought God glory.  They definitely didn’t treat God like a Twitter friend <–I know. So cheesy. But it made so much sense to me (: .

Philippians 3:10
“that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.”

*Disclaimer: I’m not hating on the Twitter machine.  I love Twitter!!! What a great way to keep up with real friends’ everyday events, stalk others, quickly scroll through the news, and learn from the life experiences of others who may live halfway across the World that I’ll probably never have the opportunity to learn from in real life.


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