Life & Faith

I’ll Never Make the Olympics

So I’m checking out at the Eau Claire Bi-Lo with my friend Crystal when I spot this Vogue:

And then it hit me:  I will NEVER EVER be in the Olympics.  Voicing my epiphany, Crystal says, “Girl. You are ridiculous.  What sport would you even do!?”  Well, I hadn’t quite thought about that part.

26=the average age of the 2012 Olympic body.  But there were 187 outliers over the age of 40 participating in this year’s games. The eldest was 71 year old Hiroshi Hoketsu who competed in dressage for Japan. I always feel like I can probably do anything (as long as it’s not math or science related), but age is a real thing.  Getting older is a real thing. If I started training today could I make it?  Doubtful.  (This week’s run-trip-faceplant-mild concussion experience supports this theory.)

I was recently told “Katie-Life is like being on a conveyor belt that repeats itself over and over with lots of doors along the sides.  When you’re young, most of the doors are open.  As time goes, more doors open and others close but the older you get, fewer doors are open every time you go around.  So choose carefully the doors you go through.”  I’m not convinced that life is quite like that. The world is freaking huge–yet somehow oddly small at the same time. There is so much to do and explore.  But I guess life IS like that when it comes to the Olympics.


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