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Relationships Required -via Paige Brown

This Summer I got to go to a women’s conference in FL super last-minute and listen to some really intelligent people speak all kinds of wisdom. Rereading through conference notes this week, I thought I’d share the ones from Paige Brown’s session “Relationships Required” <- I typically do these on my terms, knowing lots of people but not always “persons”  as described below.

The Notes:

There should be no relationships that aren’t ministry. God sends the Gospel to people wrapped up in persons even though the results of ministry don’t depend on those persons, and He uses our weaknesses to display His love and grace. He’s the cause of ministry and it doesn’t revolve around us.

Those who have Jesus have everything. Those who don’t have nothing.  If we don’t get that, we won’t be ministering Christ at all.

How do we even minister Christ to people?  We have got to have the posture of the one who sent us…FULL of grace and truth in the lives of others. And we can’t just be good with “people”.  We have to be good with “persons”, individual relationships. I can’t be so busy with people that I’m not ministering to persons.

Progressive Trajectory in any Relational Ministry:

1. Initiating

-Interaction doesn’t cut it. The internet is social. It’s not relational. We forget this.

-Good things never “just happen”.

2. Investing

– “Involvement” scares us but is often involuntary.  Investment is beyond that. Investment is voluntary.

-Investment starts not with “what does this person think about God” but with what God thinks about them.

-People will only know how much they matter when we invest in them.

-The Foundation of ministry is not Theology. It is Love.

-Don’t be caught in a web of continually casual relationships.

-Groups are not relationships.  You must have relationships with Persons.

-Investing in people rearranges your life.

3. Investigating

-It’s not enough to just know someone’s situation.  What matters is how they feel about what matters to them.

-Knowing theological truths about people is not the same as knowing people. Learn to listen.

4. (Guessing this heading was an “I” word…..but I didn’t write it down.)

-You can’t pick the days for people to watch you and days for them not to. Is my life reflecting Scripture?

-Do I think my relevance and service over-compensate for my sin?

-Am I living out my brokenness and condoning it or Christ’s love?

5. Intervening

-Real Love will always lead us to intervene with the Truth.

– “The true Gospel will always comfort the disturbed and will always disturb the comfortable.”

-The call to holiness is a gift of God.

-You can’t minister to people without being serious about sin.

-Stay with people through the restoration process.

Book Rec: Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand by Paul Trip


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