Let’s Make Goat Cheese!

McKinley Family Farm Cheese PrepAll milk in the McKinley Family Farmhouse comes from Peaches the goat.  We’ve made goat cheese twice since I’ve been here. Next week we’re experimenting with goat’s milk soap-making. Goat cheese creation is simple fun! Here’s how:

1. Acquire some Goat’s Milk.

McKinley Family Farm Peaches the GoatMcKinley Family Farms Peaches Milk

2. Put 3 quarts of goat’s milk in a pot on the stove over medium until your candy thermometer says it’s reached approximately 185 degrees.

McKinley Family Farm Goat Milk for Cheese

3. Take the pot off of the stove and pour in a little over 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let it sit and curdle for about ten minutes.

3. Pour your pot’s contents into a bowl lined with 2-3 layers of cheesecloth. The liquid/whey will pour through your cheesecloth to the bottom of the bowl. (Save your whey! It’s so good for you. Put it in smoothies, cereal, or use it to make Ricotta!)

McKinley Family Farm pouring cheese curdles

4. What’s left above your cheesecloth are your curds which need to be tied up in your cheesecloth and hung to dry and cool for about an hour.  An easy way to let your curds dry and cool is to tie the corners of your cheesecloth together around a wooden spoon and place the spoon horizontally over a bowl or large jar.

McKinley Family Farm seperating curds and wheyMcKinley Family Farm Curds Cooling

4. Put your cooled curds into a bowl and mix sea salt and whatever add-ins (Garlic, Chives, Pecans, Lavender, Italian Seasoning, etc.) into your cheese.

McKinley Family Farm Cooled CurdsMcKinley Family Farm salt for cheeseMcKinley Family Farm Pecans for CheeseMcKinley Family Farm Garlic

5. Press your cheese into a block or container or bowl.

McKinley Family Farm Cheese with Chives

6. Refrigerate. Eat and Share!

McKinley Family Farm Thanksgiving Cheese

 (If you want to freeze some for later, it will keep in the freezer for about 3-4 months.)


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