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Mel Across America

Bye melMel Bartholomew of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation is an adventurous spirit. Cheesiness he certainly appreciates. After working with him this Fall in San Diego and saying “Farewell”, it seemed only natural to photog Mel’s way as he hitched a side window ride cross-country on the Saturn VUE.  (I’m 99.7% sure he’ll love this….)

Mel searching for the best Half Dome view in Yosemite:SONY DSC
Mel checking out the Capitol Christmas tree in Sacramento:
Mel trying his hand at the Reno penny slots:
Mel checking in on Salt Lake City (former hometown of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation):
Mel wishing he could stay five more days in Moab–because it’s a dream world: 
Mel diggin’ Denver:
SONY DSCMel pretending to rock out at Red Rocks:
Mel after midnight in Topeka:SONY DSCMel trying not to lose it in St. Louis (He’s now been on the road for quite some time):SONY DSCMel in the metropolis of Metropolis, home of Superman:
SONY DSCA very pale Mel at the largest Dippin’ Dots ever seen:SONY DSCMel looking for collards at the creepiest of Illinois grocery stores:
SONY DSCMel and Elizabeth in Nashville….sad to be on their journey’s last leg:SONY DSC
Mel at home in South Carolina, desperately needing a bath:
Mel StickerMel—It’s been real!

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