Shanghai First Impressions

The other side of the world does not yet feel like the other side of the world.  I feel like I took a strange Unisom-infused 15 hour nap filled with Taylor Swift tunes, a Miller Lite, 1/2 the book of Luke, and some snowy mountains out the window before stepping into a surprisingly not claustrophobic and very maneuverable Chicago-like city.
Shanghai Landing
What looks like edamame, beans, and rice on a menu might actually turn out to be edamame, roasted peanuts and  undecipherable meat.Peanuts in China
The skies are hazy.
shanghai skies jan 13
If you’re considering to forego the sleeping pill or Melatonin during your first nights in China, do not skip them.  I did last night. Hence I’m up posting this when I should be resting because we are apartment hunting ALL DAY tomorrow (err…I guess I should say Today). We’ll probably be living near the Shanghai Indoor Stadium.
Four floors below my school there’s a Starbucks. With wi-fi and Cafe Americanos!  At whatever point I hit homesickness, I believe this will help avert it.
cafe americano
Some teachers are seeing the new James Bond movie on Monday.  Apparently the version I will see differs from the version Stateside.james bond
Hotel Internet is slow (unless you’re on when everyone’s sleeping…like now).
internet loading
The Director of Studies at my school is from North Carolina. Small world!
north carolinaInstead of greeting with a “What’s up?” or “How are you?”,  Shanghainese ask “Have you eaten?”. Good question.

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