Lauma Lauma Island

If your company flies you to Hong Kong for a Visa application that gets denied and your credit card has been maxed out by a thief unknown, you might as well just take a break and head to Lauma Island for the day.  The air will heal your Shanghai cough, the hills will make you want to worship, and they sell PBR for $0.50USD at the convenience stores furthest from the monastery.

For just under $20USD (which is kind of a lot by Asian standards) you get an all-day bus pass, a 30 minute boat ride around the fishing village, and a cable car ride.  It sounds touristy. It is touristy—but it’s not as commercial-looking as you might think.  There’s lots of green to be seen, houses on stilts above the coastal waterways, pink dolphins, a huge Buddha, and old men sitting around trying to sell you fish.  There are also wild cows everywhere.  Walking down a path I came across a huge black thing and bolted thinking it was a bear. It was actually a monster cow.  I guess there are no Grizzlies in Hong Kong.

Anyways….Here are a few pics taken on my borrowed iPhone3.

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