The Road Hierarchy in Shanghai (Infographic from Sherpas)

Shanghai roads are crazy y’all (and extremely flat actually)!  Roadsigns are ignored, and pedestrians do not have the right of way. I survived 2 weeks of biking it before breaking my bike lock key off in the lock last week.  Hauling the locked bike out of the basement to find and convince a shop with strong wire cutters that the bike’s really mine and to cut it off for me sounds like a translational and logistical nightmare. Postponing the errand ’til next week. I know three people who’ve been hit on the road fairly recently.  One’s got his two front teeth knocked out, the other had to get ankle surgery, and the other just got 9 stitches in her knee. (Maybe the bike should stay in the basement?)  Anyways–My friend Elyse sent me the below infographic.  It’s funny, and I believe it’s all true.

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